SulAmérica - Relatório Anual 2014
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Veja o vídeo dos 2014 Highlights
2014 Highlights
Veja o vídeo da Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Veja o vídeo da Message from the CEO
Message from the CEO
Veja o vídeo de Sustainability
We reaffirm our underwriting policy focused on profitability and long-term sustainable growth.
Carlos Alberto Trindade - VP of Auto, Property & Casualty, Life and Pension
SulAmérica Investimentos was one of the few asset managers in the country with net positive flows and growth above the levels observed in the industry.
Marcelo Mello - VP of Investments
We continue to invest in the training of brokers so that we can take full advantage of the versatility of being a multi-line company.
Matias Ávila - Commercial VP
We accelerated investments in claims management programs and are effectively on the path to being a pioneer company in health management.
Maurício Lopes - VP of Health and Dental
We developed a large number of measures that allow us to improve the experience of insured members, contributing to the quality of care and services, which is a strategic theme for SulAmérica.
Renato Terzi - VP of Planning and Marketing
In 2014, we intensified our investments in processes and technology, obtaining expressive results for SulAmérica.
Marco Antunes - VP of Operations
Carlos Alberto Trindade - SulAmérica
Carlos Alberto Trindade - SulAmérica
Marcelo Mello - SulAmérica
Matias Ávila - SulAmérica
Maurício Lopes - SulAmérica
Renato Terzi - SulAmérica
Marco Antunes  - SulAmérica
Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Highlights from SulAmérica's Chairman of the Board of Directors about the Company's Results.

We increased the number of independent board members to 50%, much higher than the percentage required by the BM&FBovespa Level 2 corporate governance listing rules.
Patrick de Larragoiti Lucas - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Patrick de Larragoiti Lucas - SulAmérica
Patrick de Larragoiti Lucas - SulAmérica
Total Revenues - SulAmérica
Total Revenues
Net Income - SulAmérica
Net Income
Clients - SulAmérica
Message from the CEO

In this video, Gabriel Portella, SulAmérica’s CEO, affirms the Company’s success in 2014, which has paved the way for a solid future.

Gabriel Portella - SulAmérica
Gabriel Portella - SulAmérica
2014 was a year of many achievements and results, which represents yet another step towards building a secure and successful future. Our performance was driven by the versatility of the multi-line model and the Company's expansion of its physical presence throughout Brazil.
Gabriel Portella - CEO of Sulamerica

In this video, SulAmérica executives explore ‘Sustainability’ and show how this theme fits into the company’s business model.

Arthur Farme - SulAmérica
Arthur Farme - SulAmérica
The Company achieved a profit of over a half billion reais in 2014, which demonstrates the vigor and dynamism of all our operations and reaffirms SulAmérica as the largest independent insurance group in Brazil.
Arthur Farme - VP of Control and Investor Relations